Expertise and planning

We also have a great deal of experience in preparing and presenting evidence at public inquiries.

You can rely on our expertise

ADL have undertaken traffic and transportation studies for both the public and the private sectors for all kinds of new development from single dwellings to major retail, sports and commercial developments, providing advice to clients from the initial concept stage, through the planning processes to the final negotiation of S278/S106 Agreements.


ADL provide masterplanning and feasibility design advice utilising the most recent design guidance and policies, as well as software programmes such as ‘Vehicle Tracking’ to evolve the site layouts for planning submission. ADL can also undertake pre-application enquiries supported by a feasibility (or pre-app) note or statement to obtain early comments from the Highway Authorities.


ADL provide all the necessary reports, documents and drawings relating to highway matters in order to validate and register planning submissions and fundamentally gain highways approval for proposals. This includes but not limited to the following; Transport Statements/Assessments, Travel Plans, Delivery or Car Park Management Plans, Construction or Traffic Management Plans.


Further to planning decisions, ADL will prepare the necessary works to discharge planning conditions, agree legal documents and prepare detailed highway drawings (for construction) in order to ensure no delay to the Client for commencement or occupation of developments.

Traffic Regulation Order and Legal

As well as working with private developers in order to implement changes to the highway, ADL are experienced in working with Council’s covering all stages of TRO process from scheme assessment to the order making process.

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