Highway Detailed Design

During the concept and planning phase of any new development initial highway plans and layouts are key in supporting the planning application.

ADL can provide expert advice on the means of access to a development proposal, initial costs and, for larger sites detailed, cut and fill analysis.

Once planning approval has been granted there are usually planning obligations that need to be discharged whether they be via conditions or a legal agreement. In order to discharge these obligations highway plans and details will need to be submitted to the Local Highway Authority for technical approval. In addition to technical approval, the developer will need to obtain a licence enter into Section 278 legal agreement with the Local Highway Authority in order to obtain permission from the Local Highway Authority to undertake the highway works.

Our experienced team can provide a wide range of design services to obtain the necessary checks and approvals from small access arrangements to major junctions using the latest 3D design software and including the associated detailed design of highway drainage, road signage, carriageway construction, street lighting and swept path analysis. We have the expertise to deal not only with the Local Highway Authorities but also Highways England, Transport for London, Northern Ireland Roads, Welsh Assembly and Transport Scotland.

ADL can also provide highway consultancy services at the construction stage to enable delivery of the development proposal by obtaining hoarding licences, temporary road and footway closures, agreeing traffic management plans and construction traffic management plans. In particular we have worked on high rise developments in London, Cardiff and Bristol as well as solar arrays and wind farms across the United Kingdom assisting in the logistics of material delivery and tower crane assembly.

Each project is tailored to the Client’s needs to provide a full and co-ordinated design from the concept and planning stages, through detailed design to construction and to the final sign off by the highway authority.

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