Transport Assessments and Statements

Transport Assessments are comprehensive assessments of the transport implications

Transport Assessments and Statements are reports prepared by our specialist transport engineers/planners within ADL Traffic and Highways Engineering Ltd.

These reports assess the potential transport impacts of developments and set out any measures proposed to mitigate any detrimental impacts and/or promote sustainable development.

Transport Assessments are comprehensive assessments of the transport implications of larger developments whereas Transport Statements are more concise documents with a reduced scope proportionate to the potential impact of smaller development proposals.

It will typically be agreed during pre-application discussions with Highway Authorities which report is required to support a planning application or indeed if one is needed in the first place. This is because analysis can be prepared which demonstrates that no Transport Assessment or Statement is required due to negligible transport implications.

We have comprehensive experience in preparing Transport Assessments and Statements covering many different types of proposed development proposals for our clients within the Retail, Commercial, Restaurant, Industrial, and Residential sectors, and we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a competitive fee proposal.

Additionally, we can also provide reports to accompany planning applications or address planning conditions including:

  • Traffic Data for Air Quality and Noise Assessments
  • Non Motorised Audits
  • Travel Plans
  • Delivery and Servicing Management Plans
  • Car Park Management Plans
  • Drive Thru Restaurant/Drive Thru Lane Management Plans

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