Travel Planning

We prepare, implement and co-ordinate the Travel Planning requirements of development to encourage and promote sustainable travel.

Within planning industry, the term ‘Travel Plan’ mainly relates to sustainable transport strategy.

With a significant shift in local and national policies towards active travel, majority of the planning applications are now required to be supported by the preparation and submission of a Travel Plan at planning stage and its subsequent implementation. A good Travel Plan includes a range of measures to encourage and promote the use of more sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing.

The Travel Plan document is not your Travel Plan, it’s simply a way of recording what you are going to do to encourage people to switch from their cars. A Travel Plan is not an effective Travel Plan unless you actually put it into practice, as it’s the ‘doing’ of these measures that will make your plan succeed, not just writing them down!

Our Team has been appointed in preparation and implementation of Travel Plans and to fulfil Travel Plan Co-ordinator roles on behalf of clients for a number of retail, commercial and residential development sites. Using this experience, we are able to formulate a development-specific practical and cost-effective range of measures and negotiate the Travel Planning process with the Highway Authorities successfully.

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